Citations – Stefan Salvatore

Saison 1

For over a century, I’ve lived in secret. Hiding in the shadows, alone in the world. Until now. I’m a vampire and this is my story. 1×01

You won’t be sad forever, Elena. 1×01

Let them drive a stake through my heart, because then I’m at least free of you. 1×02

Do you want to know what I would write? I met a girl, we talked and it was epic. Then the sun came up and reality set in. Well, this is reality, right here. 1×02

Salem witches are a great example of individualism and non conformity. 1×03

I was wrong. There’s no humanity left in Damon, no good, no kindness, no love, only a monster who must be stopped. 1×03

Katherine is dead. And you hate me because you loved her…. and that, my brother, is your humanity. 1×03

If you`re going to dump me, I figure you should at least know who you`re dumping. Let`s start with Katherine. She had this perfect olive skin. And she had this laugh, it was ridiculous, I mean her laugh would make you laugh. And she was fun, she knew how to have a good time. But, Katherine was also very impatient and entitled and selfish and uhm impulsive. Enter Damon. He claims that he was with her first. I don`t know. I do know I did some things I`m not proud of. My biggest regret is not being able to make things right before she died. I miss her, but I`m no longer crippled by her loss. 1×05

I didn`t care I had something my brother wanted. I didn`t even care if I hurt him. I only knew that I wanted her. 1×06

Damon was trying to make you think I was still heartbroken. He saw that I was happy with you and he wanted to ruin it. 1×06

Forcing Damon something not to do is much more dangerous, believe me. 1×06

I would never hurt you. You`re safe with me. 1×06

What Damon wants, Damon usually gets. 1×06

Damon and I. Looks like we`re stuck with each other. 1×06

I’m a vampire. 1×06

Everything you know, and every belief you know is about to change. Are you ready for that? 1×06

That’s the thing about Damon. He doesn’t get mad. He just gets even. 1×06

We choose our own path. Our values and our actions, they define who we are. 1×07

I’m not gonna let anyone get hurt. 1×07

It’s difficult to seperate your feelings. Love, lost, anger, desire, it can all blur into one urge. Hunger. 1×07

(à propos de Damon) : I have to kill him. 1×08

Everywhere that I go, pain and death follow. Damon follows. No more. 1×08

Elena is warm and she’s kind and she’s carrying and she’s selfless and it’s real and honoustly when I’m around her I completely forget what I am. 1×08

(à Elena) No, no, no, not like that. She’s not exactly a girl. Lexi’s just 350 years old. 1×08

He killed her. He killed Zach, he killed Tanner, he turned Vicki. I have to kill him. 1×08

(à Damon) You never do anything for anyone but yourself. » 1×08

You saved my life, I’m sparing yours. We’re even. 1×08

(à Logan) : Don’t. Ever. Threaten. Me. Again. 1×10

You are not Katherine. You are the opposite of everything that she was. 1×11

Every couple of years, I come back here to see zach and see my home. Last spring I was out in the woods by old wickery bridge. I heard the accident, all of it. I was fast getting there but not fast enough. The car was already submerged. Your dad… he was still concious, I was able to get to him. But he wouldn`t let me help him, until I helped you. 1×11

Elena, I couldn`t leave without knowing you. 1×11

(à Damon) I`ll do anything to get you out of this town, even release Katherine. 1×12

I don’t wanna be his enemy, Elena, but I can’t let him do it. 1×12

Damon has no regard for human life. He enjoys inflicting pain on others. 1×13

I don’t think Damon knows what to believe. Trust isn’t something that comes naturally to him. 1×13

(à Damon) You know, all I can remember is hating you. There might have been a time when that was different, but your choices have erased anything good about you. But I also know that you have just as much reason to hate me. This all began with me. Katherine got taken away from you because of me. And I`m sorry. 1×14

Please dance with your alcoholic vampire boyfriend. 1×18

Elena, my head is pounding. I feel like my skin is on fire. I have this hunger inside of me that I`ve never… I`ve never felt before in my entire life, and I keep thinking about how I promised that I would never keep anything from you. So I`m telling you this. 1×18

I’m not sad. I’m frickin hungry! 1×19

I don’t hurt people. I don’t do that. I’m the good brother. 1×19

If I do this, if I give in, there’s no going back. 1×19

The blood brings out what’s inside of me. If you think any differently, you’re an idiot. 1×19

I don’t want to survive… after what I’ve done, I just want it to be over. 1×20

It hurts me. It hurts me, knowing what I`ve done. And that pain, that pain is with me all the time. And every day I think that if I just … If I just give myself over to the blood, I can make that pain stop. It would be that easy. And every day I fight that, and I am so terrified that one day I`m not gonna want to fight that anymore, Elena. The next time I hurt somebody, it could be you. 1×20

Saison 2

(à John) You may be ok with dying, but I have a better plan for you. You now have my blood in your system. All I have to do is kill you. Now take my advice…Leave town. Elena doesn’t want you here. You have about 24 hours before the blood leaves your system.That’s enough time to disappear. Or so help me God, I will turn you into a vampire and I will watch you hate yourself more than you already do. Clock starts now. 2×01

Don’t flirt with me Katherine. I’m not Damon, I haven’t spent 145 years obsessed with you. 2×01

The truth ? Well, the truth is you`re the same lying, selfish, manipulative bitch that you`ve always been. So whatever it is that brought you here, let`s just get on with it and leave town. Because if you don`t, I will hunt you down and rip your heart out. 2×01

(à Damon à propos de Katherine) She`ll try to break you. She`ll try to break us. And how we respond to that will define us. It`s our choice. 2×01

I came back to this town to start a life with you. We can’t forget to live it. 2×02

(à Caroline) I promise you, I will not let anything happen to you. 2×02

(à Katherine à propos d’Elena) Actually, I don’t pretend to be anything when I’m with her. That’s the whole point. I get to just be myself. 2×04

(à Katherine) I know we’ve only known each other for a short while, and I know I’m in competition for your affections, but uh … I’ve never met a woman quite like you. I look at you and I see … an angel. I touch your skin, and my entire body ignites. I kiss you, and I know that I’m … I’m falling in love. 2×04

You’re not wrong. It’s pure Katherine. She’s always finding somebody to do her dirty work. 2×04

No matter what she says. I know her. Katherine doesn’t care about anybody but herself. She never has. She’s incapable of love. She’s here for another reason. 2×04

(sur le fait de sauver Elena) : I can’t think of a better reason to die. 2×08

Well, you know, I’ve never said it out loud. I guess I just need to say it, and you need to hear it. I’m sorry. What I did was selfish. I didn’t want to be alone. I guess I just needed my brother. 2×08

We`re talking centuries of truth mixed with fiction. We don`t know what`s real, for all we know he could be some sort of stupid bedtimestory. 2×09

(à Katherine) : The pleasure I’ll get of watching you suffer is greater than any pain I’ll ever feel. 2×11

(à Katherine) You want me to believe you? Show me. Do something. Prove to me that there`s something inside of you that`s actually worth trusting. 2×11

(à Tyler) Look, about Caroline: no matter what her flaws are, when push comes to shove, you’re gonna want that girl on your side. She’s your friend. Stop being a dick to her. 2×13

(à Tyler) It doesn’t have to be that way anymore. We go to the same school, we have the same friends, we keep the same secret. This can work, Tyler. I mean it’s your home. It’s my home too. I want this to work. 2×13

(à Tyler) I came back to this town because I wanted a life. I wanted to exist where I have friends and where I could build a family. I have that here. We can both have that. 2×13

(à Caroline) You don’t have to pretend with me. Anyone would be upset after what you went through tonight. 2×13

It`s not gonna be a very romantic weekend unless you invite me inside. 2×14

I look hot in your dead great grand-dad’s jacket ? 2×14

I think there are a lot of conversations to be had about our future. About the kind of life we can have together. 2×14

In order to break the curse, Elena has to die. 2×14

Elena, how could you stand out there earlier with me, making plans for your future, when you don’t even expect to have one ? 2×14

No, what you’re doing is you’re being a martyr. 2×14

You wanna let yourself get killed? That’s not heroic. That’s tragic. 2×14

Who wants to die next? 2×15

Elena, you’ve agreed to sacrifice yourself to Klaus. To say that we have a difference of opinion is the understatement of the century. 2×15

Lexi wouldn`t let me give up, and I`m not getting let you. 2×15

How about you call Alaric and let him know that his wife showed up on his girlfriend’s doorstep. 2×17

You’re right. Thank you for being in love with my girlfriend. 2×19

(à Elena) It is your last day as a human, why cheat now ? 2×20

Anger becomes rage, and when you`re said you are despair, grief, loss, can cripple you. That is why so many of us turn their emotions off. It becomes too overwhelming. 2×20

(à Elena) If it were my choice I`d want to be with you forever. 2×20

(à Elijah) Klaus is your brother. I know I’ve wanted to kill my brother a thousand times but I’ve never been able to. 2×21

Whatever Damon’s done, whatever’s led him here, I’m the one who made him become a vampire in the first place. So if there’s a chance for a cure, I owe it to him to find it. 2×22

(à Klaus) Make me a deal. Just give me the cure, and I’ll do whatever you want. 2×22

Saison 3

Hello, brother. 3×01

(à Damon) I just want you to let me go. 3×01

(à Klaus) You know I get that we`re stuck together, but if we could maybe just skip the chitchat… that`d be great. 3×02

What part of not following me anymore got lost in translation, Damon ? 3×02

(à Klaus) If we were such great friends, then why do I only know you as the hybrid dick who sacrificed my girlfriend on an altar of fire ? 3×03

(à Elena) How much more clear can I make it? I don`t want to come home ! 3×03

(à Elena) Yes you can. It`s done. That part of my life is done. I don`t want to see you, I don`t want to be with you. I just want you to go. 3×03

(à Klaus) I remember you. We were friends. 3×03

Happy to know you still care. 3×04

(à Klaus) I`ve only spent one summer with you and I feel like I want to blow my head off. 3×04

(à Katherine) You know what`s funny? You keep talking to me like I actually trust you enough to tell you anything. 3×04

(à Katherine) If you`re looking for a diabolical partner in crime, I suggest you look elsewhere. 3×04

(à Elena) I listen to the words that come out of your mouth, and all I hear is the sound of your heart, pumping blood through your body. And when that clock ticks down, I`m going to have to feed on you. And you want to know what`s worse? I`m not going to be able to stop. 3×05

(à Elena) I owe you everything. because through all of this, you are the one thing that has kept me from giving up, from turning it all off. 3×05

Last I checked… I live here. Klaus is gone, but he`s asked me to keep watch on you (Elena) until he returns. From now on, you`re under my protection. (Pause) Hmm. By all means, carry on. 3×05

(à Elena) What do you mean ? I`m going back to school. Go Timberwolves ! 3×06

You know, you can hate it all you want, but Elena needs me. I`ll always protect her. I think you`re both better off having me around. 3×06

Besides, there’s going to people everywhere tonight. So there’s going to be lots to eat. I’m kidding. I’m kidding. Loosen up. 3×07

(à Elena) You know what? I don’t want your help anyway. I wish I’d never met you. 3×07

(à Lexi) You wasted your whole life taking care of me and now you`re dead and you still have nothing better to do. 3×07

You know, if you two are gonna keep me locked in here for the next decade, I think we can skip the routine visits. 3×08

(à Damon) Actually, this is my happy face. 3×08

Damon, you are worse than Elena. Getting me drunk. Brotherly bonding. What, you think I`ll break down, and you can pull me back from the edge ? Is that it ? 3×08

(à Damon) You know Elena`s gonna hate you for letting me out, and we both know that you care about what she thinks. 3×08

(à Klaus) You know what never gets old ? Revenge. 3×09

(à Klaus) You do that and you`ll never see your family again. I wander Klaus, for someone who has always been one step ahead for a thousand years. Where you prepared for this ? 3×09

To beat the villain, Damon. you have to be the better villain. 3×11

(à Klaus) Friends don`t strip friends of their free will. 3×11

(à Klaus) Get your hybrids out of Mystic Falls or I will remove them myself. 3×11

(à Klaus) Do whatever you want. I don`t really care. Or you know what? Maybe I do. Maybe I care so much that I drop Elijah into the arctic. 3×11

He did, Elena ! He backed down ! He has a weakness! If I know his weakness, I can destroy him ! 3×11

Destroying Klaus is all I’ve left. 3×11

(à Elena) I lost you the minute I left town with him. You just haven`t let yourself admit that yet. 3×11

I don`t really care what you think about me anymore, Elena. 3×11

(à Klaus) You leave Mystic Falls and give me a call in a few years and we`ll talk. 3×12

(à Elena) You changed. Something is different about you. You`re stronger, tougher. 3×12

(à Elena) I shouldn`t have kidnapped you. Car, the bridge it was too far. 3×12

You’re better than him, Elena. You’re better than both of us. 3×12

(à Elena) Did you ask Damon… if he killed anybody lately ? 3×13

We`re here to make a deal Damon. That doesn`t mean we have to kiss his ass for 7 courses. 3×13

(à propos de Damon à Elena) I think he needs to figure out that you can look out for yourself. 3×14

(Damon) You`re a liability, brother. 3×14

Esther wants to kill her whole family. How`s that for mother of the year ? 3×14

No, you signed Klaus` death sentence, Elena. Everyone else is just collateral damage. 3×14

What ? You think I want to be this person? I hurt you, Elena. I bit you. I hate myself for what I did to you. 3×14

If I let myself care, all I feel is pain. 3×14

I’m not trying to hurt you, Elena. I just can’t be who you want me to be right now. I’m not in control. 3×17

(à Elena) You can’t put that on yourself. Not everyone is your responsibility. Not everyone can be saved. 3×17

(à Elena) I’m talking about the fact that you’re also in love with Damon. 3×18

(à Elena) Hey. I love you. I will always love you. I just want you to look me in the eye and tell me that you don’t feel something for him. 3×18

Elena needed to go on that road trip with Damon. No matter what I go through to get her back; fighting my bloodlust, trying to gain control of my life again… None of that matters if she has feelings for somebody else. 3×18

(à propos de l’alter ego d’Alaric) No. No, he’s not you. He’s the darkest parts of you. The parts we all have. 3×18

(à Klaus) I’ve been fighting that part of myself, thinking that if I repressed it then it would go away. But it won’t. And now that I’ve accepted it, it can’t control me. And neither can you. So, unless you’re gonna stake me, why don’t you get the hell out of my house ? 3×18

(à Elena) After everything I put you through I’m just honored to be your date tonight. 3w20

(à Elena) After I bit you I never wanted to feel anything again. But someone kept telling me that it was okay to feel no matter how much it hurt. That our emotions are what makes us human. 3×20

I don’t have anyone anymore. 3×20

(à Klaus) : Damon and I have been through a Hell of a lot worse than you. 3×21

(à propos d’Elena) She’s a pretty special girl. 3×21

Nothing wrong with free will, Matt. Trust me. You don’t realize that until you lose it. 3×22

Saison 4

(à Damon) Listen, you blood-shared with my girl friend and I punched you in the face. Don’t make it sound so dramatic. 4×03

If she turns off her humanity, I don’t think we’ll ever get her back. I’ll do anything to save her. 4X04

(à propos d’Elena) I’ll always love her. But she’s not supposed to be this person. I don’t want her to be. 4×05

(à Klaus) You’re using your calm voice today. Who’s getting killed ? 4X06

(à propos de Damon) Before, when I was the Ripper, I understood why you cared for him. I mean, I practically drove you to it. But now, I can’t do this, Elena. Not anymore. 4×06

I’m not depressed. I just wanna rip into someone’s artery and feed until I can’t breathe anymore. 4×07

(à Damon) Let’s not pretend like this isn’t the best day of your life. 4×07

(à propos de Damon) I think he loves her as much as we do, and he can’t be selfish with her anymore. 4×08

(à Rebekah) I know you were daggered for a little while… but knocking is still a thing. 4X11

(à Rebekah) Sex wasn’t good because we didn’t care. It was good because you’re crazy. Crazy sex is always good. 4×11

(à Elena) You don’t know what I look like when I’m not in love with you. 4×11

Sex wasn’t good because we didn’t care. It was good because you were crazy. Crazy sex is always good. 4×11

(à propos d’Elena) She’s the love of my life. I’d go back to her in a heartbeat. 4×23

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