Citations – Autres personnages

Caroline Forbes

I got the other brother. Hope you don’t mind. 1×03

I’m worse than shallow. I’m a kiddie pool. 1×08

Do you ever feel like there`s no person in the world who loves you ? 1×08

What is this, a threesome now? You and the Salvatore brothers? 1×12

(à Elena) Matt’s not over you and we all know it » 1×12

If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. 1×12

I don’t like sportscars they’re too hard to make out in. 1×16

(à Matt à propos de Vicky) Maybe she`ll surprise you, people have a tendency to do that. 1×17

(à Tyler) You made out with his mother and then beat him to a pulp. You’re gonna have to do a little bit better than ‘sorry’. 1×22

(à Damon) : You manipulated me, you pushed me around, abused me, erased my memories, fed on me. 2×02

I’m a m-m-murderer. I’m a monster! 2×02

I don’t get to choose the ring I have to wear the rest of my life? 2×03

(à Stefan) So you`re saying that now, I`m basically an insecure, neurotic, control-freak… on crack. 2×03

Why are you looking at him with your Serious Vampire look? It’s different from your Worried Vampire look. Neither of which strays too far from your Hey It’s Tuesday look. 2×03

So, now I have magnified jalousy issues too ? 2×03

(à propos de Matt) I can`t believe I hurt him. He`s the one person on this entire planet that I never wanted to hurt. 2×03

It`s horrible fighting the urge for blood every minute of every day. 2×04

The desire to rip out your jugular everytime he`s with you… trust me, it’s there. It’s why I had to break up with Matt. 2×04

(à sa mère) You never talk like this ever. And today meant so much to me. I know I can trust you, but you are never going to trust them. 2×06

(à sa mère) I`m going to take you home. You`re going to forget that I`m a vampire. You`ll remember you got sick with the flue. You had a fever, chills and ickiness, but I made you soup. It was really salty. We bickered. You got better, and then your selfish little daughter who loves you, no matter what, went right back to ignoring you. And all was right in the world. 2×06

(à Tyler) : I don’t want you to be alone. 2×10

There`s a reason it`s called a curse, Tyler. 2×10

Everybody just needs to stop kissing me! 2×12

Okay, I… Feel… Like I… I love you. 2×12

(à Tyler) I lied to protect my friends. I lied to protect you. Don’t you get that ? 2×13

(à Tyler) You just stood there! When they were going to kill us, you just stood there. You didn’t do anything ! 2×13

(à Tyler) No, it’s too late because we’re not friends anymore. And what happened to me tonight, that will never happen again. So you take that back to your little werewolf pack, and you get the hell out of my house. 2×13

Just because I talk a lot doesn’t mean I always know what I’m talking about. 2×16

(à Matt) Because that’s what vampire blood does for humans and that’s what I am. I’m a vampire, Matt. 2×16

So after I hurt you in the woods, I made you forget. And I promised myself that I would stay away from you … but I couldn’t. Because I love you. I do. I love you, Matt. So much. 2×17

I was hurt. You turned your back on me when I needed you. But, I could never hate you Tyler. 2×20

(à Tyler) Well, instead of just bailing on me again, you could just say ‘Thank you, Caroline for taking care of me. And I’m sorry that I tried to chow down on you again. 2×21

(à sa mère) I explained it to you once, because I had to make you forget because I was so scared of what you might do. But now, I don’t want to lie. I’m not gonna be afraid of you anymore. I don’t want you to be afraid of me anymore. I’m still your little girl. It’s me. It’s me. 2×22

Just because I tell you things, doesn`t mean you are allowed to know them ! 3×01

(à Tyler) Wait, you are bringing a date? Slutty-Sophie is your date ? 3×01

As your friend who worries for you daily, what is the deal with you and Damon ? 3×04

God, just admit it, Elena, ok ? You are attracted to him! In all of his bad brother glory. 3×04

I just want this school year to be great, you know. I just want everyone to be happy. Even in the midst of all the crazy unhappy bits. 3×05

You are an ever bigger idiot than I thought, Jeremy. So wake up before you loose everything. 3×07

How did he plan a better party than me so fast ? Wait, is that a band outside ? 3×09

Now it`s just a reminder that, technically, I`m dead. Look, I didn`t even like 17. The only point to 17 was to get to 18. It`s a filler year. I`m stuck in a filler year. 3×11

Daddy ? 3×12

(à propos de son père) I hated him so much for what he did to me, so much, and now all I want to do is save his life. 3×13

Please don’t leave me, daddy. Please don’t leave me. Daddy, just don’t leave me. 3×13

(à Elena) Well, I think a Salvatore would look a lot better in a tux, and by that, I mean Stefan. 3×14

(à Klaus) Well, I`ve had training. I happen to be miss Mystic Falls. 3×14

(à propos de Rebekah à Matt) Why are you here with the she devil ? 3×14

(à Klaus) You don`t connect with people, because you don`t even try to understand them. 3×14

Tyler, it`s me. Look, I`m grateful for what you`re doing, but… I miss you… and I really wish you were here. 3×14

(à Klaus) « Just to be clear; I`m too smart to be seduced by you. » 3×15

(à Abby) Do what ? Be a vampire or a parent ? Because I can help you be a vampire, I can teach you self-control, but being a parent, I mean that’s all you. Bonnie grew up without a mom, because you ran away once, but now you have an eternity to make up for it and you’re just gonna throw that away ? 3×17

No one is better off without their parents. 3×17

(à Rebekah) See, unlike some other people, I don’t sleep with everyone I make eye contact with. 3×19

Tyler, I just got you back. I`m not loosing you again. 3×19

(à Tyler) : It doesn’t matter how many times I dance with him. I love you. 3×20

(à Elena) Stefan is your epic love and I’m not going down without a fight. 3×20

(à Tyler) If we have to spend the rest of our lives running, I will run with you. 3×22

I need to go sanitize my mouth. 4X01

(à Stefan) You’re good at this. You know. You saved my vampire life now you’re saving hers. You should write a book. Go on The View. 4X03

(à Stefan) I’m good at it because of you…Come to me, whenever you want and I won’t let you loose control.  4×03

(à Stefan) What ?! She can’t have feelings for Damon. He’s Damon. And you’re you. And I’m revolted. 4×07

(à Stefan concernant Elena) You and her ? Epic. 4×07

Damon’s never right. Damon is sneaky and manipulative and rude. But he’s never right. 4X07

(à Elena) Being a vampire only amplifies who you already are. It doesn’t turn you into a completely different person. 4×07

(à Klaus) Yes, a date like to a movie where we don’t have to talk and I can put at least three seats between us. 4×07

(à Klaus) You are not even worth the calories I burn talking to you. 4X13

It’s called a cryptex. I’ve seen The Da Vinci Code. 4×14

I have a real crisis on my hands; Elena stole my prom dress. 4X19

(à Klaus) I don’t want just another dress. I want to look hot. Like Princess Grace of Monaco hot. So, could you please go back into your creepy trophy case of family collectibles and dig me out something of royal caliber ? 4×19

(à propos d’Elena) I know you said to kill her with kindness, but can’t I just kill her ? 4X19

Matt Donovan

Elena, I just want you to know that I haven’t give up on us. 1×01

Elena and I may not be together right now, but I’m looking out for her. I’ll always be looking out for her. 1×02

(à Stefan) : I’m saying this because of Elena. She’s big on trust. The more you try to hide whatever it is you’re hiding, the more determined she’s gonna be to figure it out. 1×05

(à propos de Stefan) : Like he’s a serial killer and keeps a clown suit in his trunk ? 1×05

(à Elena) : Yeah, I’m not gonna lie. Your brother and my sister, that’s weird. 1×05

Is this what I`m in for ? A life time of worrying about her. 1×07

Do you know what I was doing tonight, Mom? I was having fun, you know, trying to forget about all the crap that I have to deal with everyday. Just enjoying a night with my friends. And then, there you are, wasted at the bar – where I work, by the way, to pay the bills that you don`t pay. And then you`re off acting like a freakin` kid, hooking up with some guy half your age. I`m the kid, Mom. You`re supposed to be responsible for me. 1×16

(à sa mère) Don`t you get it? I`m better off without you. 1×18

(à sa mère) : I want you out of the house, and my life, by morning. 1×18

(à Tyler) : Don’t say anything. You’re a dick. End of story. 1×21

I`m pissed at myself for having a fight with you. I feel guilty for what happened to Sarah. I`ve been dodging you for days because I didn`t know what to say to you. 2×10

(à Caroline) : What are you keeping from me? If you love me, you’ll tell me. What is it? 2×12

Caroline, you are a lot of things, but you are not a liar. You`ve always been straight to me. I believe you. 2×12

Please make me forget, Caroline. I don’t want to look at you and see what I’m seeing right now. 2×17

(à propos de Caroline) I feel like she died. 2×17

I don’t know if I can, Caroline. I get it. This is your life now. But you know what my life is, Care? My life is an absentee mom, and a bunch of bills to pay, and school, and a job. And it sucks sometimes. But it’s my life. And I think that I just want to live it without all of this. 2×21

(à Jeremy) Please tell me you`re not turning into one of these losers that hangs out at work on his day off. 3×02

(à Jeremy) I realize that most of the people didn`t really get Vic. You know, they saw her as trouble and let it go at that. But you really got her. 3×02

(à Bonnie) Do you realize that just last summer, you and I were lifeguards at the pool ? And the only two problems I had in my life were that Elena was breaking up with me and I sucked at CPR. 3×05

Vicki`s here. Watching me. And I just need a minute to say goodbye, okay ? 3×05

(à Vicki) I have to. This is wrong. You shouldn`t be here. 3×06

I want her to be happy, you know ? That’s what I want for all of you guys. In the middle of all this crazy life you got stuck living. 3×11

None of us should have to live this way. 3×13

(à Elena) Honestly… I`m kind of lucky. The only thing that I have to worry about for tomorrow is showing up for my shift at the Grill. 3×14

(à Caroline) Why the hell are you here with Klaus ? 3×14

(à Rebekah) If I could compel myself a Maserati, I would. 3×14

Look, Rebekah, you`re really fun and pretty and all… But I really need you to leave me alone. 3×14

Elena, you can’t outrun your problems. 3×16

Sometimes it pays to be the only normal one in a town of vampires. I’m practically invisible. 3×16

(à Elena) Once you fall in love with someone, I don’t know if – I don’t know if you can ever shake them. 3×16

(à Rebekah) It’s sad that you can’t just get a ride home from school without thinking there is some ulterior motive. 3×19

(à Elena) Sorry. I over-honeyed. I suck at tea. 3×22

(à Damon) Go ahead; kill me. You can’t possibly hate me more than I hate myself. 4×01

This town, this crazy ass world we live in, sometimes not being willing to accept that someone is gone is because maybe they’re not. At least not completely. 4X15

I would tell you that it’s OK to have hope. Because sometimes that’s all that keeps them in your heart. 4×15

(à Elena) You’re the girl that I’ve loved longer than I can remember. Whatever wall you want to put up, I know that still means something to you. 4×21

Tyler Lockwood

I was a dick to her (Vicki). I was really bad. What I hate is… I can`t make any of it right. It`s like I don`t deserve to even miss her. 1×18

(A propos de Mason) And so the black sheep returns. 2×01

Found this in his desk (donne la liqueur à Jeremy). He won`t mind. He`s dead. 2×01

I almost killed a girl today. It was an accident. She`s okay though. But there I was… you now just for a moment, for a split second I hoped she`d die. Whatever this is inside me, I don`t want any part of it. I don`t wanna feel that way again. I won`t. I can`t. 2×05

I have no one else to tell. I’m sorry about earlier. It’s just, I’m alone with this. What’s gonna happen to me ? I’m gonna turn on the next full moon, and I won’t be able to stop it. I’m scared. 2×08

It`s elastic. I mean, what should I wear? I don`t think it`s like the Hulk, where I get to keep my pants. 2×11

(à Caroline) Look, I really want to thank you. I wouldn`t know what I would have done with out you. 2×12

Somebody needs to explain to me what the big deal is about a rock. 2×14

(à Matt) “I’ve been going through a rough time—something I can’t really talk about. Caroline’s been helping me through it. She’s been there for me, more than anyone has been my entire life. I kind of fell for her. I don’t know how anyone wouldn’t because she’s pretty incredible. But she loves you. And she needs you. And to be honest, she deserves someone like you. So you be good to her. Okay ? 2×14

I’m horny all the time. 3×01

You think Caroline`s a monster? I`m a monster, mom. 3×02

(à Caroline) I`m kissing you and you`re wondering about your ex-boyfriend ? 3×05

(à Caroline) : Everything I like about me, is you. 3×06

I`m his first succesful hybrid, Caroline. Don`t you think that`s the tiniest bit awesome ? 3×06

I`m not anyone`s pet, Caroline. 3×06

After everything we`ve been through. You`ve been there for me for all of it. Don`t turn your back on me now. 3×09

I`m a hybrid, Gilbert. You can`t kill me unless you cut off my head or rip out my heart. And you`re not going to do it with that lame-ass crossbow. 3×10

I just wanted you to know that I understand why you can`t be with me. Even though I want to put you first, before anyone… I can`t. I`ll never be able to. And I`m sorry. I`m so sorry. I just wanted you to know that. 3×11

(à Klaus) Seriously, man, can`t you just get one of your other hybrids to do your bidding? I lost my friends, my girlfriend. 3×11

(à Klaus) I`m not biting Caroline ! 3×11

(à Caroline) I`m not moving on from anything. I love you. 3×11

Caroline, it`s Tyler. I know I should have called sooner. I just kind of freaked out and left. But I heard about your dad, and I`m sorry. I`m really sorry, Caroline. I`m out doing what he said. I`m going to fix myself and come home to you. I love you. 3×14

(à Caroline) You have no idea how much I’ve missed you. 3×19

I do feel different. I feel freer. Way more myself. All I know is I just turned about a hundred times in the Appalachian Mountains. If I can get through that, I can get through anything. 3×19

Real love is stronger than fake loyalty. 3×21

(à Klaus) I’m not your little bitch anymore. 3×21

How did you break the sire bond ? (Klaus) ; By breaking every bone in my body 100 times for the girl I love. 3×21

If we stopped having sex every time somebody died in this town, we’d explode. 4X02

(à Klaus) You used my body as an escape hatch and kissed my girlfriend. So maybe we’re even. 4×03

(à Elena) The bond affects how you act, not how you feel. 4×08

(à Klaus) Morning, sunshine. You look pathetic. 4×13

(à Caroline) This isn’t goodbye. This is… until we find way. We’re immortal, remember ? 4X14

Jeremy Gilbert

(à Tyler) : If you hurt Vicki one more time, I swear to God: I will kill you. 1×02

You realise you had to ask him, to ask you, don`t you? You figure that if you dress up like a respectable young lady he`ll finally treat you like one ? 1×04

I`m a drug using deliquent, girl in bed doesn`t really rank, sorry. 1×05

Make it stop, it hurts. Why does everybody has to die on me ? 1×07

For months after mum and dad died I felt like crap. Nothing really even mattered crap. And all of the sudden I get these moments and things started to feel just a little bit better and Vicki was in every single one of them. So you may not see it, but trust me, keeping me away from her is not for the best. 1×07

(à Tyler) : Art implies culture and culture implies… not you. 1×10

Maybe there is such a thing as vampires. They`re just different from the way we always thought they were. 1×16

You should turn me because I don’t have anything else. 1×17

Even I can’t remember why, I still feel empty, alone. Making me forget won’t fix it. 1×22

She`s gonna pay Elena. I don`t know how, but she`s gonna pay. 2×06

(à Bonnie) It’s not like a date-date. It’s more of a hey-I-kissed-you-and-I thought-you-liked-it hang thing. 2×15

(à propos de Vicki à Matt) You were the one she loved the most. If anyone`s gonna be able to help me to connect to her it`s you. 3×02

I don`t know why this is happening, or when it`s gonna stop. But before it`s done, I have to do this. (embrasse Anna) 3×07

I can touch her again, I can kiss her again Elena. I know I shouldn`t feel this way, but I do. I love her. I`ve always loved her. 3×07

None of us are gonna make it out of this town alive. 3×10

(à Tyler) Whenever Klaus wants something, someone ends up dead. You think about that next time before you blindly do whatever he says. 3×10

This is the way things are. It sucks, but I’ve just got to get used to it. 3×10

(à Stefan) Why don’t you do the right thing and give us one day, just one day without any vampires in it ? 3×21

I need my sister. Not another one of them. 4×01

(à Klaus) I don’t take orders from you, d**k. 4×11

Bonnie Bennett

Caroline Forbes, when have you ever kept a secret in your life ? 1×04

This is my fault. I planted doubt. I`m a doubt-planter. 1×04

It`s true. I`m a witch. 1×08

Something`s wrong. There`s something wrong with me. 1×11

The Elena that I know would always want to know the truth, good or bad. 1×12

You just found out that your boyfriend is a vampire…. so unless your parents are aliens… how bad could it be ? 1×12

(à propos d’Elena) : She’s my sister. I’d die for her. 1×13

Your my friend Elena. If you need me I`m here for you. And I`m sorry I couldn`t show you that yesterday. 1×21

I couldn`t do what she wanted me to do. It wasn`t right. Grams would have never done it, so I couldn`t either. But when Elena finds out, she`s never gonna forgive me. 1×21

We both wanna protect the people we care about. This difference is, for you, Damon is one of them. You saw what I was able to do tonight. I know who I am now. And if Damon spills so much as one drop of innocent blood, I`ll take him down — even if I have to take you with him. 1×22

Katherine looked just like you. It was freakish. She didn`t just resemble like a family member, she was you. 2×02

Everything that happened is his fault, Elena. 2×02

I know where I stand, Elena. And I know where you stand. But where do we stand ? 2×06

Witchcraft has its limits. If I push too hard, it pushes back. 2×08

He took my powers. 2×15

(à Elena) Hey, uh, speaking of happy, would it freak you out if I started dating your brother ? 2×16

(à Elena) I know it’s weird, but he’s been so good and strong. He makes me happy. And I really can’t tell what you’re thinking right now. 2×16

I have the power to save you. If I don’t use it and something happens that would kill me more. 2×18

Emily, I know you’re there. Please help me. I love him. 2×22

(à Jeremy) You can thank me tomorrow. And the day after that. And the day after that. And the day after that. 2×22

I leave town for the summer and everything goes to hell for the both of you. 3×04

(à Matt) As soon as you`re feeling better, I`m going to kill you. 3×05

You don`t want to be a part of all this, Matt. You are the only one of us who actually gets to live your life like a normal person, no matter how lost you feel. 3×05

I went against the balance of nature when I brought Jeremy back to life, and now I`m paying the consequences. 3×07

(à Caroline) You`ve already claimed your birthday as everyone`s favorite day of the year. 3×11

Witches have a connection to the Earth. We can literally feel nature. Life. When Abby became a vampire, she lost it. I don’t know how to help her. 3×17

(à Abby) The only way you’re gonna hurt me is if you leave. Don’t give up on this. Not again. We can make this work. 3×17

(à Damon) There’s always a choice. But whenever you make one someone else suffers. 3×20

You turned your back on me for 16 years. You have no idea what I can handle. 3×21

The spirits don’t get to tell me what to do anymore. I’m done getting pushed around by all of you. 3×22

(à Damon) Elena and Jeremy lost Jenna and Alaric because of him (Klaus). Tyler’s a hybrid. My mother’s a vampire. Could you give me a minute to just to just appreciate the sight of him like this ? 3×22

Alaric Saltzman

Can I get you a drink? I hear the punch is real boss. 1×12

First person account of the Civil War? That’s like porn for a history teacher. 1×12

I think Stefan is a good guy. But at the end of the day, he’s still a vampire. 1×18

I don`t wanna spend my life searching for answers I really don`t want. 1×20

(à Isobel) You were my wife, and I loved you. How could I not search for you ? 1×21

Well, I’m naked. So… I’m gonna go. 2×10

Yeah, Elijah’s one scary dude. But with nice hair. 2×14

(à propos d’Elijah) : Of course, Jenna thinks he’s charming. 2×15

(à Jenna) Isobel is dead. And there are things about her death that I can’t tell you, that aren’t for me to tell. You can be upset and hate me. I get it. Just know that I love you. At least I can tell you that much. 2×16

I`m every parent`s worst nightmare. I`m the chaperone teacher from hell. 3×01

I`m not a rolemodel you know. I drink too much, I say the wrong things, I encourage bad behaviour. 3×01

Stefan is off the rails. 3×02

The council`s job is to protect the people of this town. Now your daughter`s a vampire and your son`s a werewolf. So who`s looking after the actual people? Some of them may be family or friends, but they are still supernatural. They don`t follow our rules or our laws, they look after themselves, and that`s what we need to do. I`ll see you at the next meeting. 3×04

Vampires will take whatever they want. They will hurt whoever they want. And they`ll do it without remorse. It`s their nature. 3×06

(à Elena) I think you found a way to get out of bed this morning. And that makes you the strongest person I know. 3×06

(à Damon) Listen to me, we`re not a team. You tried to kill me. We`re not friends. I don`t like you anymore. 3×07

(à Bonnie) Listen, Jeremy is an idiot, and I know this with certainty because I was once a Jeremy. Trust me. We learn eventually. 3×08

Everyone needs to find a way to deal with their dark side. Some people meditate, I became a vampire hunter. 3×17

You don’t know who I am, Elena. You only know the weakest part of me. 3×20

(à Damon) So I have to actually die to get a real apology out of you. 3×20

(à Damon) Is this the part where you give me a dream with rainbows and rolling green hills ? 3×20

How many times do I have to tell you Elena ? Stop trusting vampires ! 3×21

I’m getting this town back under control. 3×22

I just want you to know that I will always be here to look after you, Jeremy. You never have to be alone. 3×22

This is my bar, pal. No one’s gonna blow it up. 4X23


(à Slater) I`m a special vampire. 2×09

I’m a man of my word, Elena. When I make a deal, I keep a deal. 2×11

Good evening, Katerina. Thank you or having the good sense to be frightened. 2×11

Klaus is the most feared and hated of the originals. 2×11

Klaus’ obsessions have made him paranoid. He`s a recluse. He trusts only those in his immediate circle. 2×11

(à Elena) We`re negotiating now ? 2×11

Young vampires—so arrogant. How dare you come in here and challenge me ? 2×14

I’m an Original. Show a little respect. 2×14

(à Damon) : This is the third time I’ve saved your life now. 2×14

I don’t really pursue younger women. It’s a joke, Ric. Lighten up. 2×15

There`s a funny things about books. Before they existed, people actually had memories. 2×15

I might not be able to come in the house, but I`m a very patient man. I`ll wait you out. 2×15

Yes. Klaus is my brother. 2×19

I think the term you’re looking for is : OMG ? 2×19

The curse of the sun and the moon is fake. It doesn`t exist. 2×19

Klaus does not live by any rules but his own. 2×19

The problem, Damon…you talk a good game but you don’t actually know anything. She’ll never forgive you. And never for a vampire…it’s a very long time. 2×20

Sometimes there’s honor in revenge, Stefan. I won’t fail you. 2×21

So Niklaus. What did I miss ? 3×12

Family above all. 3×13

(à Klaus) What have you done ? You see, I’ve learned not to trust your vulgar promises, Klaus. We’re doing this on my terms now. 3×13

(à Stefan et Damon) You’re free to go. This is family business. 3×13

(à Klaus) Then you’ll become everything you hate: our father. 3×13

I admire you, Elena. You remind me of qualities I valued long before my mother turned us. It`s not in your nature to be deceitful and yet when I asked you about your meeting with my mother the other night, you lied to my face. 3×15

Yes, unfortunately even when killed, my mother doesn`t seem to want to stay dead. Not with the spirits of nature at her side. 3×15

(à Esther) Whatever you think of us, killing your own children will be an atrocity. 3×15

(Lettre) Elena, today I did things I abhor to protect the one thing I value most. My family. If anyone can understand that, it’s you. Your compassion is a gift, Elena. Carry it with you. As I will carry my regret. Always and forever. Elijah. 3×15

Mother made us vampires. She didn’t make us monsters. We did that to ourselves. 3×15

(à propos de Klaus) I’ll stop searching for redemption when I believe there is none left to be found. 4×20

(à Klaus) This is us. the Original Family. May we remain together always and forever. I am asking you to stay here. I will help you and I will stand by you. I will be your brother. We will build a home here together. So save this girl. Save your child. 4×20


So women in the 21st century dress like prostitutes, then. You kknow, I got dirty looks for wearing trousers. 3×04

And what is this music ? It sounds like a cable car accident. 3×04

I can always tell when you`re lying, Stefan. 3×04

(à Stefan) You are being mean. And why are you being mean? You used to love me. 3×04

(à Klaus) Will you stop making me out to be a brat? I am not a brat. 3×04

No one in this world is truly fearless, Stefan. Not even Niklaus. 3×04

(à Stefan) No, you just failed to mention that the doppelgänger`s still alive. 3×05

(à Stefan) You really do love her, do you ? 3×05

I`m the new girl. 3×05

So this is the latest doppelgänger. The original one was much prettier. 3×05

Why is that doppelgänger bitch wearing my necklace ?! 3×05

Tick tock goes the gym clock. 3×05

(à Klaus) A thousand years in the grave and she`s still screwing with you. 3×05

(à Klaus) Is that what this is about? Your obsession with hybrids.You just don`t want to be alone ? 3×05

He’s a vampire. We’re a predatory species. We don’t have time to care about humans and their silly, little lives. 3×08

(à Elena) If you wake Mikael, we are all doomed. 3×08

A witch is nature`s servant. A vampire is an abomination of nature. You can either be one or the other, never both. 3×08

She called upon the sun for life and the ancient white oak tree, one of nature`s eternal objects, for immortality. That night, my father offered us wine laced with blood. And then he drove his sword through our hearts. 3×08

But the witch Ayana was right about the consequences. The spirits turned on us, and nature fought back. For every strength, there would be a weakness. The sun became our enemy. It kept us indoors for weeks. And then my mother found a solution. There were other problems. Neighbors who had opened their homes to us could now keep us out. Flowers at the base of the white oak burned and prevented compulsion. And the spell decreed that the tree that gave us life could also take it away. So were burned it to the ground. But the darkest consequence was something my parents never anticipated… The hunger. Blood had made us reborn and it was blood that we craved above all else. We could not control it. And with that the predatory species was born. 3×08

When Nik made his first human kill, it triggered his werewolf gene. With that, he became my father`s greatest shame. 3×08

We stick together as one. Always and forever. 3×08

We`re vampires. Our emotions are heightened. I`m stubborn, Elijah moral and Nik… Nik has no tolerance for those who disappoint him. Over a thousand years as a family we`ve all made that mistake at least once. I`ve made it several times. 3×08

(à Elena) Wake Mikael at your own peril. But make no mistake. If you come after my brother, I will rip you apart. And I get my temper from my father. 3×08

(à Mikael) Nik was my family. If you were after him, you were after me. 3×09

(à Mikael) I know what he did and he will pay for it with his life, but Nik was not born a killer, none of us were, you did this to us when you turned us into vampires. You destroyed our family, not him. 3×09

Embarrassing truth, this is my first high school dance. 3×09

I`ve spend my whole life hating and loving my brother with equal measure. I never though I would be the one to help drive a stake through his heart. 3×09

We’re leaving you, Nik. Right after I kill that doppelgänger wench. Then you will be alone. Always and forever. 3×13

(à propos de Caroline à Damon) Of course she looks beautiful. Nik gave her everything she`s wearing. 3×14

(à Matt) Oh, I’m a vampire, we don’t… 3×14

(à Klaus) I hated you when I learned you killed our mother. But I realize now that after a thousand years together as a family, you’re the only one who never left me. 3×14

(à Klaus) The Salvatores may fight like dogs, but in the end they would die for each other. At least they know what family means. 3×18

Not to make a gray cloud grayer, but does Matt even have automobile insurance ? 4×01

 Why are my least favorite people always the most durable ? 4X10

(à Tyler) I heard my brother made a real mess of your life. Believe me, I can relate. You have my condolences. 4×10

Love and caring ruins you. 4X11

You’re right. I do care. I want stupid koala corsages and a prom. I want to have kids with someone who loves me enough to stand outside with a stupid boombox. I want to be human. 4×12

(à Stefan) What’s going on with you? You’re fun tonight. 4×12

It’s all an act, Stefan. Being a vampire is miserable. I would give anything to be human. 4X13

(à Matt) The first rule of truly living: Do the thing you’re most afraid of. 4×23

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Autres citations

You and Stefan talked all night? There was no sloppy first kiss or touching of any kind? Jenna 1×02

You`ll have to forgive my son`s rudeness, he gets that from his father. Mme Lockwood 1×04

(à Jeremy) : I hope you`re not one of those guys who now that we`re together tries to change everything about me. Vicki 1×05

(à Damon) Why don`t you have a girlfriend? You`re totally cool and so hot. Vicki 1×06

It`s not meant to be fun. It`s real and it`s serious. And you must understand it before you practice it. Sheila Bennett 1×07

This daylight thing is a bitch. Vicki 1×07

Where`s your bathroom? I have to pee. Why do I have to pee? I thought I was dead. Vicki 1×07

(à Damon) I’m older and that means stronger. Don’t ruin my time with Stefan, cause I’ll hurt you and you know I can do it. Lexi 1×08

It’s my day and that guy that jumped naked in the Trefi fontain and got drunk on the Statue of Liberty, that guy can take a brake from all his worrying for one night and go to the stupid party. Lexi 1×08

It’s not everyday a guy turns 162 years old. Lexi 1×08

You’ll rock her world so hard with your vamp sex, she’ll be yours forever. Lexi 1×08

When it`s real, you can`t walk away. Lexi 1×08

One moment I`m a small town on the news guy and next thing I know is that I can`t go into my house, because my foot won`t go through the door. Logan 1×10

(à Damon) I am not Bonnie. You don`t wanna mess with me. Sheila Bennett 1×14

It’s like 1864 all over again. You Salvatores are pathetic when it comes to women. Anna 1×14

You are a hero to this town Damon. I know most people don`t know, but you are. Elizabeth Forbes 1×15

(à Alaric) If I told you, you`d laugh at me. But promise me that you`ll always wear it. It`ll protect you from all the things that go bump in the night. Isobel 1×15

(à Alaric) I am selfish, and I`m obsessed, and I`m a horrible wife. But you love me anyway. Isobel 1×15

(à Jeremy) First rule about vampires, don`t believe anything you read. Anna 1×17

I’m not gonna turn someone who knows everything about vampires from Netflix. Anna 1×17

Do you know why we turn people? It`s not some oneway ticket to get out of lonerhood. One: We need someone to do our dirty work. Two: Revenge. Three: Boredom. But you know, that never turns out well. And then, you know, there`s the obvious one. When you love someone so much that you`d do anything to spend all eternity with him. Anna 1×17

(à Jeremy) She`s (Vicki) the reason you wanted to turn. You wanted to be with her. Anna 1×17

Oh my god, John, it is so good to see you, how have you been? No I can’t. Jenna 1×18

His name is John, but I call him jackass. Sheriff Forbes 1×18

Even in death, your heart is pure, Stefan. I sense that about you. That will be your curse. Emily Bennett 1×20

(à Elena) : Don’t look for any redeeming qualities. I don’t have any. Isobel 1×21

(à Elena) : As long as you have a Salvatore on each arm, you’re doomed. Isobel 1×21

Stefan Salvatore. Why Stefan? Why didn’t you go for Damon? Or do you enjoy them both? Like Katherine did. Isobel 1×21

Forever doesn’t last very long when your human. Isobel 1×21

(à Elena) I think you underestimate how much Damon cares about you. Isobel 1×21

I wanted this. I needed this. And I`m gonna regret it forever. This was my mistake, not yours. You are not gonna remember this. I loved you. I did. And when I think about what I gave up, it hurts. But now your heart`s free of me. It`s easier this way. Goodbye, Ric. Isobel 1×21

(à Jeremy) I know you, what it`s like for you — being alone, always feeling empty inside, no one to understand. But when you`re a vampire, you don`t have to feel that way. You can shut it off. I can show you how. Anna 1×22

(à Stefan) My daughter should have driven a stake through your heart by now. John 2×01

(à Damon) Now you made an enemy. Mason 2×04

(à Tyler) You have to kill somebody. Human blood. You take another person’s life away from them, and the curse is yours forever. Can you handle that ? Mason 2×04

(à Caroline) It`s just that you`ve become this person. This strong and confident person. 2×06 Sheriff Forbes

You don’t have to take my memories way. I’ll keep your secret. 2×06 Sheriff Forbes

You’re a Petrova doppelgänger. You’re the key to breaking the curse. Rose 2×08

The blood of the doppelgänger. You’re the doppelgänger. Which means, in order to break the curse, you’re the one that has to die. Rose 2×08

You don`t find Klaus. He finds you. Rose 2×09

People do not escape from Klaus. Rose 2×09

I`m older than you and stronger. Don`t get on my bad side. Rose 2×09

It`s not nice to leave a girl nakes so early in the morning. (voit Elena) Sorry I thought you were… Rose 2×10

I’m a vampire. I haven’t had a cold in five centuries. Rose 2×12

(à Damon) : I’ll tell you the only sure that exists. Take a stake and drive it through her heart. Jules 2×12

That is the worst part about it. The hunt. The need to kill. The thirst. The pleasure it brings you afterwards. It wasn’t meant to be. It hurts. Rose 2×12

Damon’s a lot like me. He wants to care, then he does and he runs away from it. I’m sorry for what i’ve done today. And you need to fight. I know you’re scared, but you have to do anyway. Rose 2×12

I can never forget it, what it’s like to be human. It haunts me. It’s the only thing that’s kept me going. Rose 2×12

I miss being human. Rose 2×12

I`m not afraid anymore. Rose 2×12

(à Tyler) I want you to understand that a vampire will never be your friend. It’s our nature to be enemies. Jules 2×13

(à Tyler) : We live by a code of loyalty. We take care of each other. It’s my duty and honor to help you. Please let me. Jules 2×13

(à Damon) : Love does that Damon. It changes us. Andie 2×13

So Elena is my sister’s husband’s brother’s daughter and her mother is my boyfriend’s deceased wife. You can’t make that stuff up. Jenna 2×13

Miranda and Grayson were your parents, Elena. And I know I’m nothing to you. You have no reason to believe me or trust me. I’ve done so many horrible things. But when you lost your parents, I lost my brother, my family, I lost my way. And I’m probably never going to make things right for you—I know that—but I’m going to do everything I can to protect you, and protect this family. John 2×13

(à Alaric) Does Jenna know about your little extracurricular activities? Maybe it`s time to tell her? She can’t stay in the dark forever. John 2×14

(à Alaric) I don’t think that you should sleep over anymore. It’s inappropriate with children in the house. And that ring that Isobel gave you? That’s mine. I’m gonna want that back. John 2×14

I knew I was about to die. You can not run from a vampire. I saw the vampire who would kill me, I recognized him. It was Stefan Salvatore. Jonathan Gilbert 2×15

(à Stefan) There are good parts of being a vampire and there are bad parts. You are the bad parts. Lexi 2×15

Because what you can hurt, you can love. And love, Stefan, that`s the point. Lexi 2×15

Everything is intensified as a vampire. When we hurt, we really hurt, but when we love… Lexi 2×15

(à Damon) You know the hate you’re feeling—towards Stefan, towards everyone—you think you have it under control, but you don’t. It will get the best of you. Lexi 2×15

Whatever it is that you’re keeping from me, whatever you think I can’t handle, you’re wrong. Because last year I was a grad student who smoked a lot of pot and couldn’t keep a goldfish alive, and now I’m a parent. So I think I can handle anything, Ric. Jenna 2×16

Hi. You must be Jenna. I’m Elena’s mother. Isobel 2×16

(à Jenna) So you’re the woman who’s dating my husband ? Isobel 2×17

(à Alaric) I don’t have it in me to hear any more lies from you. Jenna 2×17

Because I was there when she gave birth to you, Elena. I saw how heartbroken she was to give you up. And because she was the first girl I ever loved. And when she said she’d help keep you safe, I believed her. At this point, I will do whatever you want me to do. If you feel safer with me not around, then I’ll go. John 2×17

Sorry for being such a disappointment to you Elena. 2×17

My duty is to Klaus. The new order. Greta 2×21

Everything I did… I just wanted to help Tyler. I didn`t want him to be alone. Jules 2×21

I refuse to let Elena become the thing I`ve spend my life protecting her against. John 2×21

Elena, it’s no easy task being an ordinary parent to an extraordinary child. I failed in that task. And because of my prejudices, I failed you. I’m haunted by how things might have played out differently if I’d been more willing to hear your side of things. For me, it’s the end. For you, a chance to grow old and someday do better with your own child than I did with mine. It’s for that child that I give you my ring. I don’t ask for your forgiveness, nor for you to forget. I ask only that you believe this. Whether you are now reading this as a human or as a vampire, I love you all the same. As I’ve always loved you and always will. John. John 2×21

(à Tyler) You can`t be with her ! She`s a monster. Carol Lockwood 3×02

I can come back. Help me come back. Vicki 3×02

Jeremy. Don`t trust Vicki. Anna 3×02

You may be cute, but you are still a vampire. Gloria 3×03

(à Jeremy) You don`t understand how amazing it is to finally be able to talk to you. Anna 3×04

Say you can hear me, Jeremy. Please ! I am all alone. Anna 3×04

(à propos de Mikael) You don`t want to wake him. He will kill all of you. Anna 3×05

(à Stefan) Then what kind of a friend would I be, if I didn`t help you out of this mess you are in ? Lexi 3×07

(à Bonnie) I`m here, because you upset the balance of nature and it is your duty to set it right. Sheila Bennett 3×07

(à Elena) I`m sorry, did you just not say how desperate you were for my help to save Stefan ? Lexi 3×07

(à Damon) Are you not capable of remorse? Just apologize. Mason 3×07

(à Elena) I`m doing what I can do best, sweetness. Saving your life. Lexi 3×07

There is not much to do on the other side, besides watch other people screw things up. Mason 3×07

(à propos de Stefan) Once he is weak enough you have to cause him pain, make him feel things anger, rage, anything. You have to make him see past the blood. Lexi 3×07

I`m a ghost, not God. Mason 3×07

(à Damon) You have trust issues. Has anyone ever told you that ? Mason 3×07

You know what the other side is like ? We`re all alone. You watch the people you left behind and we regret our decisions. That`s it. Look, I can`t change what happened to me, but maybe I can change what happens to Tyler. Mason 3×07

I don`t want to be alone anymore. Anna 3×07

(à propos de Stefan) He`s still in there, Elena. You just have to break through. Lexi 3×07

(à Bonnie) You are stronger than all of this. I`m so proud of you. Sheila Bennett 3×07

I don’t need revenge, Damon. I need redemption. Mason 3×07

(à Klaus) We fight for our survival. And you find time for fun ?! I want to have fun! Teach me. Come on ! Mikael 3×08

Get Klaus back to Mystic Falls, and I will gladly drive a stake through his heart. Mikael 3×08

It`s the only weapon that can kill an original. I think I`ll hold on to it. No offence. Mikael 3×09

(à Klaus) A big bad wolf. You`ve changed. Still hiding behind your play things. Mikael 3×09

(à Klaus) On what ends, Niklaus ? So you can live forever with no one at your side? Nobody cares about you anymore, boy ! Who do you have, other than those who`s loyalty you forced. No-one. Mikael 3×09

Mr. Saltzman, what is your secret? Guardian angel or did you sell your soul to the devil ? Meredith 3×10

I`m not proud of what I did Bonnie. I ran, but you had your dad and grams and okay let`s face it. Your grams is way better at this stuff than I am. Abby Bennett 3×12

You wanted to know my secret. I cheat. I`m a doctor and I hate it when people die, so when I have the ability to do something about it, I do. Meredith 3×12

(à Bonnie) I know this is hard to hear for you, but he is my family. He is. But that doesn`t mean I don`t care about you. Abby Bennett 3×12

(à Bonnie) When I put Mikael down, my magic didn`t just leave me. It drifted away. The longer I stayed away from you, the weaker it got. I think nature was punishing me for abandoning you. Abby Bennett 3×12

(à Tyler) You will. Because until you`re able to act on your free will, I`m not going to let you get near my daughter. Bill Forbes 3×12

A vampire hunter, who can`t be killed by vampires. Convenient. Meredith 3×12

(à propos de Bill Forbes à Caroline) I did. Do you think you can get him to be a little more grateful? He spent half the night threaten me to get my medical license revoke for saving his life. Meredith 3×13

(à Caroline) This gotta be hard. When you dad hates the on thing you can`t change about yourself. Meredith 3×13

(à Bonnie) There’s no way I can tell you how sorry I am for what I did. Abby Bennett 3×13

My strength is all in my beliefs. Becoming a vampire is wrong. People aren’t supposed to cheat death. That’s just what I believe. Please respect that. Bill Forbes 3×13

No, sweetheart, I don’t hate who you are. You’re strong, you’re beautiful, you’re good. And even after everything that has happened to you, you are exactly who your mother and I hoped you’d grow up to be. Bill Forbes 3×13

Parents aren’t supposed to outlive their children, Caroline. It’s okay. This is life. This is what it means to be human. Bill Forbes 3×13

(à Klaus) Look at me. Do you know why I’m here ? Esther 3×13

Niklaus, you are my son, and I am here to forgive you. Esther 3×13

I want us to be a family again. Esther 3×13

Rebekah, tell me how handsome I am. Kol 3×14

(à Klaus) You put daggers in their hearts. You want them to go down on their knees and kiss your feet for reuniting them ? Esther 3×14

(à Klaus) You need to give it time, Niklaus. I`ve had a thousand years on the other side to be angry and to heal. I`m here to make sure this family does the same. Esther 3×14

(à Klaus) It`s been my dream for a thousand years that this family could be as one. Forgiveness is not a chore. It`s a gift. Esther 3×14

(à Damon) I`m the mayor, Damon. When the oldest, deadliest family of vampires moves into your town, you welcome them with a smile. Carol Lockwood 3×14

(à Damon) I`ve met a lot of people, and you don`t particularly stand out. Kol 3×14

Our sister is a strumpet, but at least she’s having fun. Kol 3×15

That’s lovely. We’re stuck out here, while the favorite son plays sacrificial lamb. How pathetic you are, Finn. Kol 3×15

My only regret is that I did not let you die a thousand years ago. Esther 3×15

For a thousand years, I’ve been forced to watch you. Felt the pain of every victim, suffered while you shed blood. Even you, Elijah, with your claim to nobility, you’re no better. All of you. You’re a curse on this Earth. Stretched out over generations. If you’ve come to plead for your life, I’m sorry, you’ve wasted your time. Esther 3×15

You date vampires, Elena. It shouldn’t come as a shock to learn that your guardian is a murderer. Meredith 3×16

(à Damon) A woman isn’t just for food. She’s for pleasure. Sage 3×16

You wear a ring that lets you cheat death, Ric. How many times can you die before it changes you ? Meredith 3×16

I can’t feel it anymore. My garden, it’s gone. I can’t feel anything. Abby Bennett 3×17

(à propos de Rebekah) God, I hate that elitist Original bitch. Sage 3×17

(à propos de Finn) He’s my one true love. He turned me so we could be together forever. Then Klaus daggered him and locked him away and I’ve been waiting ever since. Sage 3×17

(à Damon) Have you forgotten everything I taught you ? Rebekah may be an Original, but she’s a girl. You find her weakness and exploit it and I’ll walk right in. That is if you want my help. Sage 3×17

(à Finn) I took care of myself, but I never stopped loving you Finn. I don’t want you to die. Sage 3×18

(à propos de Damon à Jeremy) Tell him I’m rooting for him and Elena. Rose 3×19

(à Rebekah) I’ve been looking over you for a thousand years. Of joy and heartbreak. Your fights with Klaus, the nights you cried yourself to sleep calling out my name. Not a day has gone by that I wasn’t right there with you. Esther 3×19

(à Jeremy) You’re young, you don’t see what I see. It’s not just that she makes him a better person, she does, but he changes her too. Damon challenges her, surprises her, he makes her question her life, beliefs. Stefan is different, his love is pure, he’ll always be good for her. Damon is either the best thing for her or the worst. Rose 3×19

(à Damon) You again ? I must be the least intimidating mass murderer ever. Shane 4×07

(à Elena) In all my travels the one spell I never found was how to break someone from loving too much. Shane 4×09

Klaus, please, don’t hurt him. He’s my son. He’s all I have. Carol Lockwood 4×09

How did you know everyone was here? Did you do a GPS magic locator spell or something ? April 4×10

Your daughter is a prodigy. With my guidance she could be one of the most powerful witches in the world. But without it, she’s a timebomb. Shane 4X11

Trust me, Elena. Some things are better left buried. Kol 4×12

(à Bonnie) I lost your mother to witchcraft. I don’t intend to lose you. Rudy Hopkins 4×12

They say if Silas rises, he’ll unleash Hell on earth. I happen to like earth the way it is. Kol 4×13

(à Klaus) Resist me all you want, Klaus, but until you bring me the cure I will bring you nothing but misery. Silas 4X18

I’m not the Prince of the Quarter, friend. I’m the king. Show me some respect. Marcel 4×20

Greetings from the dead. So, who fancies a drink ? Kol 4X22

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