Summary of the Q&A sessions (both days)

Q&A sessions (Saturday)

Candice Accola thinks the relationship between Caroline and her mother will stay harmonious in season 3 but not for a very long time because there always are twists in the show. Their relationship is likely to deteriorate later.

Nina Dobrev would like Elena to be funnier and happier. As for Ian Somerhalder, he would like the complete opposite because Damon is getting nicer. The actor would like Damon to keep bitting people, tearing them to pieces and dropping them from the trees. Then, Ian tells us that a lot of people ask him how he prepares himself to play Damon and he answers, naturally : « Well, this morning, I killed two or three people, that’s how I do ».

Ian explains he doesn’t have any projects for this summer because he travelled a lot, he met fans and ke worked for ISF. The actor adds (joking) he doesn’t have any movie projects because he’s a very bad actor.

If Nina were a film character, she would be Beauty in « Beauty and the Beast ». Ian says he could be the Beast but Nina answers he’s too pretty to play the Beast.

Ian explains that Damon tried to win Elena’s heart for two seasons but he failed eventually. Damon tried to kill his brother and that was not the better way to seduce Elena.

Nina explains that Elena is in love with Stefan because of his good sides, it’s the nice guy who wishes her well whereas Damon is the bad guy, the demon. But now, Stefan has joined the dark side, he’ll start to do bad things again and according to Nina « It’s gonna be interesting, maybe, maybe not. »

Q&A sessions (Sunday)

Nina explains it’s very hard to play Elena and Katherine on the same time. She has to think and to immerse in both characters (more particularly in the scene where Elena and Katherine are face to face in episode 4 « Memory Lane ») and above all plan what Elena does and what Katherine does, how Elena reacts to what Katherine does and how Katherine reacts to what Elena does… (Nina flops into the chair, showing it’s exhausting).

Michael Trevino revealed he wanted to play Damon but now, he would have chosen Klaus (if he wanted to play a vampire).

Michael explains he has to research and study a lot in order to play the werewolf which is in Tyler. There were a lot of special effects (movements…) but he had to do the rest (when he runs back and forth tied up by chains…). Marcos Siega (director) told him to run and to act crazy. Ian Somerhalder adds it was fantastic to see Michael shoot this scene because he was covered of dirt, his fingers were bloody… It was very intense.

Ian tells us that a lot of fans ask him how he deals with his success towards his fans (and especially girls), and a few people expect him to answer : « I hooked up with every singly chick I met ». He thinks it would be very exhausting but jokes when he said it would be very funny.

Candice Accola prefered the Caroline from season 2 even if the Caroline from season 1 was interesting to play especially for the evolution of the character. Caroline is more confident even if she’s still vulnerable as we saw in a few episodes.

Malese Jow says she hasn’t read any scripts but she thinks Anna’s come back and Vicki’s will create a strange relationship but still indefinite.

Nina tells us she was very excited the first time she learnt she had got Elena’s part in the show. It was very quick because she had to go immediately on the set in Vancouver.

Malese explains she was as surprised as the fans when she learnt she was going back to the show. Her manager called her and she had to guess what show it was about. Obviously, The Vampire Diares was the last show she was expected to.

Nina Dobrev says she’s more like Elena the day and Katherine at night.

Nina says French fans are awesome. For Malese, it was her first time in France and she thanks the fans to have welcomed her and it was an amazing experience. Candice explains she’s been in France for two weeks and she visited Bordeaux and the Southeast of France. As for Nina Dobrev, she tells us her stepfather lives in Avignon and that France is a second home for her.

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