Convention – Ian Somerhalder in Paris ! (English version)

Translation of the Q&A session with Ian Somerhalder (Saturday, 21st May)

WARNING: I took some notes down with my phone so the following transcript is kind of a sum up of everything that was said. None is the exact quote unless stated otherwise (=colon+quotes).

He was asked to tell us a funny anecdote.

Ian tells us two about Marco Siega (Director) pranking Zach Roerig (Matt) and Michael Trevino (Tyler).

Marco went talking to Zach before the flight home and he asked him: “Did you hear what happened?” Zach said no. “Oh they didn’t tell you.” And Macro walked away and Zach didn’t know anything so he sat during the whole flight. Sat all day home for two days, wondering what went wrong, what he did wrong, biting his nails. He even lost five pounds. Ian said: “It was awesome.”

Another day, he sent Michael Trevino a FedEx package with a positive pregnancy test along with a note: “We need to talk. C.”

What was the craziest thing a fan has ever done for him?

Fans have always been very supportive. They send him books, beautiful works including painting… and videos. For the latter, he sometimes has to stop watching after a few seconds. He says that he’s an adult but that he doubts all his fan were so he usually sends a thank you email stating the video was cool but: “please don’t tell your parent you sent me this.”

What movies would he like to play in? Which character?

He says there were millions of movies, so much amazing storylines, filmmakers and actors to work with. He’s just happy he’s playing a character that hasn’t been killed yet.

What has been the most difficult scene to shot?

He says it was really hard to work with naked women in a bathtub, lots of emotions.

To be honest, he said the most difficult scene for him on the first season was the one when he was locked up on the Salvatores basement. It was: “four very tough days”.

Then, for season two he said the scene when Damon’s laying on the road as he realised he’s lost everything. He’s like an alcoholic, never opening up and then he made this confession to this woman. It’s sad because he has to kill her, [to him] she can’t know so he kills her and there’s like: “There’s never a true moment” because he keeps everything to himself. He cried half an hour after that because to play this kind of scenes, you have: “to pull things out of your own life”.

What made him found the ISF?

He says he’s been thinking about this for years. But last year, with the BP’s oil spill in Louisiana, his home state, it clicked. He’s never felt so helpless and sad before, despite all the loss of friends and parents he’s experienced before. That’s how came the idea. It’s a way to make a change, “peacefully and intelligently” because that’s when the change happens, not with bureaucrats. It starts with us, in every country, there are « little chapters of ISF

If he could compel someone, who would it be and why ?

He says Damon use it for shopping, for commodity. For all the wrong reasons in fact.

To be honest, he’s thought about it a lot. He said he would compel “the dudes in power who are ruining our planet” and tell them “STOP”. “Stop ruining the environment, stop killing each other, stop thinking about things that hurt.” It’d be better but he says we all have this power, together as a group. [applause]

What’s his ultimate dream ?

He says that: “Fore and foremost, he’s living a dream RIGHT NOW”. He has “these huge dreams and one of them was becoming an actor”. Then he “realized the other part of it and this power is far more greater than the crap”. He could succeed with just one person inspired. He doesn’t want to “built a castle, own a private jet, marry a pretty girl”. It’s cool but that’s not the thing, he’s amazed by all the good will out there, to think that what was digital actually transforms to physical. He gives us the example of a woman in Germany who succeeded to plant 700 trees. “That’s the dream. That thing is crazy. If he dreamt of something else, he’d be a lunatic.” [applause]

Then he pauses a bit. He is asked if he could the love [in this room] and he says yes with a content smile.

What does he thinks about the evolution of Damon from Season 1 to Season 2?

He says Damon was a badass but became kind of a wimp since he fell in love. It’s a rough transition, he became more human. His only fear is that he becomes like Stefan.

Can he tell us something about Season 3?

It’s funny because he talked with Kevin Williamson for an hour the day before. He says “Season 2 is very latent, with the moonstone…” and now everything is laid on stage. He THINKS that “this season is going back to the scary, the dark. Stefan goes off the rails. » The series has always been about fighting your instincts, with yourself all day long. You want to fight because you just want to rip the head off of people you love. It is profound all this refrain creates a love of tension. “The Originals are going to wreak havoc.” It “goes back to how hard it is to be a vampire.” and add that he thinks it’s going to be hot.

Translated by Chefnem

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